To Whom It May Concern

by Neighbors

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A conceptual story of a young man's heart corrupted at the beginning but seeks to find truth in all things.


released October 31, 2012

Thank you Ian Van Opijnen @ The Echo Room, Mike Palumbo, Blair Davis, and our dedicated following.



all rights reserved


Neighbors Thompson, Connecticut

Neighbors is a hardcore band from the woods of Connecticut. Give us a listen.

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Track Name: The Entry
Today, terror crept in my head.
The teacher only read what she had been fed.
I might as well become a robot.
Because emotion is all I've got.
Track Name: Asylums for the Frantic
There is a difference of feeling and knowing.
Theses tears that I shed will forever keep flowing.
Growing up, I've been ripped from my sheets and thrown to the shelves.
Never realizing that the answers are not in the teachings but lied in the truth.

Teacher: "The answers are in every book."

Student: So which do I reference?
Everyone is taking the same test while shading different circles

Indoctrination: teaching our kids these cryptic stitches.
Don't give me those side effects, because i am a man that respects.

I have been called crazy at my most sane time of intellect.
When the outsiders say that I'm now out of my mind. I will love thy lunatics.
Track Name: Malevolent Society (feat. Blair Davis)
Poem to self:

Lies combust, Mr. Sentimental.
But truth is a must, Mr. Detrimental.
With every night he sleeps on his side, he regrets all his secrets to hide.

Another fabrication.
One to cover the other.
Defamation again.
Can't forget about the man behind the curtain.

Forgettable burden
Oh you crooked wretched man, now you want to lend the unwanted hand.

"We are the teeth, the gnashing cleats!
How far will you go to admit your defeat?"
"We are the beat, the smashing feet!
Why must the innocent fall to their knees?"
Track Name: Veins
A humble bird that soars and takes a harmed-filled swallow, flies to the east.
I can conquer the west, where the inspiration grows from hollow ground.

The blood of the machines run black.

A true settling on Earth beats with its own sound.
Men like me cannot fathom the fact that love will not overpower on Earth but will overcome in the blood that flows to the hand.

This pulse, it makes our hearts pound.
This pumps and makes our hearts pound.

Man-made high-grade intelligence always runs from our passionate souls.
Track Name: Dependency
Wrenching and quivering collapse.
Bring forth your morals goals.

Worshiping nothing but human invention.
Your solutions are not solvable inventor.
Everything high-tech damages the heart.
Life's biggest mistakes end up becoming God's art.
Track Name: Irises
Violins are playing with these thoughts following behind.
My heart cries as tragedy from the past strikes my mind.
I never wanted to remember her missed step.
She took a plunge falling fingertip away from fingertip.

Mrs. Doray looked up with her face messed up.
"Please dear, I need a hospital bed.
I feel the blood rushing to my head"

Her love with no hesitation, checked her in as a patient.

"Doctor, I need to hear your words correctly.
You miscalculated and calibrated!
You found that there was something now when there was nothing two months ago?!"

Husband: "She's sick, I cannot take this anymore."

Doctor: "This does not look good for her."

Her diagnosis is a slight state of consciousness.
Watching her daughter cry with blood-shot eyes.
Feeding her nothing but bits of ice.

"Mother! Mother! This cant go on for too much longer!
It's so sad to say but this pain will go away"

"I can't believe she's dead and gone!
At least her irises keep growing on my front lawn."
Track Name: There's Something About Phil (feat. Mike Palumbo)
Don't let this world get to you.
It will feed your brain with disgust, penetrating our heads with shards of glass.
But I try not to let society disappoint me.
Once our warden is defeated, my shackled unlock toward freedom.

The price of his hate turned him into something worse than his cell-mate.
All we can do is love.

When all you do is take, take, take, it's like slipping your hand into a vice.
With this I say, "I gave you my best advice as you turned it down more than twice"

He says it all.
"I cannot listen to a lad that had half the life that I've had!"
But little does he know it's not the age that matters but it's the heart that resides in it.

That dark place that you were in kept digging under your skin.
Why do you dwell so much on death?
Where we all have this life in common.
I'm sorry that you didn't feel when I wanted to heal.
Hauntings from past darkness will never scrape our future brightness.
Track Name: War at Home (feat. Mike Palumbo)
Lieutenant: "Salute to the heir!
Cock it back and fire it!"

"Onward men!"

"I'll tell you what!
When I'm finished with you, the boy that left home is not going to be the man on the phone.
I'm gonna whip that smirk off your grin!
This is where living gets grim!"

"Eject hand, insert knife"

"Death is unacceptable without a fight!"

Soldier: "The glory of war has no glory at all.
You've invented nothing but lusts, drugs, and destruction.
So we can turn against our mothers and our fathers.
I don't think so, sir"

"Your information is released.
Your beast will not mark me but mark my words, there is something more powerful than you on it's way."
Finally, something you can't control.
So I will scream at the walls.
You've caused this world to death and our faith to fall.
But I, the witness, will carry on.

And I will not need the possessions of these bindings to prove my love when every book be burned.
As my strength will forever be stronger even after the sun turns our life to ash.

This is a war at home.
They're gonna hit us up.
We best watch each others backs for that two-fisted law.
They're gonna hit us up with a two-fisted law.
If you only saw what I saw."